Interview Questions


Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who invented ‘C’ language programming?

 a) Brian Kernighan

 b) Ken Thomson

 c) Ritchie

 d) Bill Gates

2. C Language is originally developed at ______.

 a) AT&T Bell Labs

 b) Richie Labs

 c) Microsoft

 d) IBM

3. Which of the following is used for interacting between user and OS?

 a) System programming

 b) Application programming

 c) Device Drivers

 d) none of above

4.C Language is a ____________________.

 a) Object Oriented Programming Language

 b) Structured Programming Language

 c) Source Programming Language

 d) Block Programming Language

5. C language is a Procedural Programming Language.

 a) True

 b) false

6. Which of the following symbol is used to denote a pre-processor statement?

 a) &

 b) #

 c) ~

 d) ;

7. What is the correct way to comment a line in C?

 a) \*comment*\

 b) \\ comment

 c) /*comment*/

 d) Both B & C

8. Which OS kernels were firstly implemented or coded in C language?


 b) UNIX


 d) Windows

9. In 1989, the American National Standards Institute published a standard for C called as “__________”.

 a) ANSI C

 b) AT&T C

 c) Microsoft C

 d) Standard C