1_2_interview Questions


Multiple Choice Questions

10. Which statement is correctly printing on console window?

 a) print(“word”);

 b) printf(‘word’);

 c) printf(“word”);

 d) prinft(“word”);

11. Which function is used to start program execution from first statement and terminate at last?

 a) #include<>

 b) int main()

 c) printf()

 d) return

12. Which of the following are benefits of “C”

 a) Is an alternative to Assembly Programming Language

 b) It’s used only for System Programming

 c) It’s used only for Application Programming

 d) Its available on UNIX and Windows OS only

13. Which symbol is used as a statement terminator in C?


 b) $

 c) ;

 d) ,

14. Which statement is used to define End of function?

 a) main

 b) printf

 c) return 0

 d) #include

15. C language is a ………………

 a) High Level language

 b) Middle Level language

 c) Low Level language

 d) Machine Level language

16. Notepad is __________________

 a) System Program

 b) System Program

 c) Application Program

 d) Source Program

17. Which escape character can be used to begin a new line in C?

 a) /n

 b) \a

 c) \m

 d) \n

18. C programs are converted into the machine language with the help of:

 a) An editor

 b) Compiler

 c) An operating system

 d) None of the above